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By: nurul izzean

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Thursday, 13-Dec-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gold Coast: Movie World

With Maktam & Izzran
Adam in front of Shrek's store
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lama gilerr..gua baru nak upload pix ni...hehhe...
Movie World is the best...really enjoyed my trip here..
Having a GGRREEEAAATTTTTT time at Movie World!!

Adam...enjoying his time too..

Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gold Coast: Seaworld

Adam...dok diam-diam...
Mummy, Siti & Adam
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2nd day in Gold Coast, we went to Seaworld. We arrived at Seaworld an hour late (from its opening time) bcos we went to buy some meat/chicken at Halal butcher, kat Beale St. We got lost at first, hahahaa!! Nasib baik drivers (Hafeez and Paktam) tak marah...

Seaworld is soooo amazing with its marine life...Adam excited dengan dolphin, fish, birds and was having fun at Elmo's Beach! while Mummy & Ayah enjoyed their live shows so much! best sangat!! dolphin show, sea lion, 4D show etc.

Adam went to sleep right after lunch, tired running here and there at Sesame Street, so Mummy & Ayah pun cepat2 handover Adam to my Maktam and went for rides! We went for Bermuda Triangle, Pirate Ship and Cockscrew Roller Coaster..best! but not so challenging..cewah! just nice as a teaser to all of us on first day...

Sedihhh sbb tak sempat naik Vikings (long queue and Adam woke up), Eye of Seaworld and tgk Water Ski Wipe Out show..next time, i hope!

the next day, we went to Movie World...check out my next entry!

Tuesday, 11-Dec-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Holidays @ Gold Coast, Australia!

Nak naik aeroplane?
Family photo b4 depart
Tak larat nak jaga Adam dalam flight!
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Sorry...it has been quite some time.....

We went to Gold Coast,Australia on the 10-18 Dec 2007 with my in-laws (JJ, Siti, Uqy) and cousins (Wani, Azri). In Aussie, we met my Paktam & family and having fun together under the sun! All of us stayed in Palm Beach, about 30 mins drive to Surfers Paradise...rented a 3 bedroom apartment, just by the seaside...the beach was GORGEOUS!! bersih, cantik but i was a bit scared of the waves..besar/tinggi giler, mmg bukan mcm PD or Cherating laa...so ramai laa surfers dok surfing kat situ....

Adam was very excited sejak dari dalam plane lagi...kitorg dah mcm naik bas sbb kena berdiri and kejar dia...hehe! bila tgk beach, mmg dia suka betul...
I think what makes the journey most interesting is, we planned it ourselves (not thru travel agent) for months!, rented a car and drove around by ourselves!!! Feels like we are in "Amazing Race"...hahhaaa!!

Check out the pix! What a memorable trip...we will definitely go to GC again!

Friday, 1-Jun-2007 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Adam Hariz: 1 year old!

Adam 1-yr old cake
pegang laa choc tu..
Adam & Mummy
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My little baby is 1-year old today, and i'm having a mix feelings.. happy+sad+terharu+clueless+risau+so on and so forth...

Adam..Mummy and Ayah love you soooooo much and we are having such a great time with you! Be a good boy...eat healthy...grow up well, kiddo!
Adam Hariz, the first wonderful year has gone, but certainly, not forgotten.....

Tuesday, 1-May-2007 10:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Adam Hariz: Topless @ Port Dickson!!!

A night at Guoman Hotel
Adam in his aeroplane float
Topless @ PD!!
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Dont get me wrong!! Adam aje yg topless ok...hahahaaa...we went to PD for family holidays, bringing my parents, my brother and sister along. It was a nice weekend getaway, since all of us pun dah lama tak jumpa...
We stayed at Guoman Hotel (it has a very nice scenery!), and for the first time Adam mandi swimming pool!!! hahhahaaa...he was scared at first, but when he saw his cousins--Firuz, Fahrin and Nuha--are having soo much fun...he started feeling much better and wanted to join the group.
The next morning we had picnic by sea side and another round of swimming before we headed home. BEST SANGATTTTT....!!!

so enjoy the pics...ohh..by the way, Adam is 11 months today!!!! time flies, huh??!

Adam: Mummy..nervous ni...!


Adam: Nak keluar laa, mummy...apa level duduk kat Jacuzzi...org nak mandi pool!

I like this photo...Angah and Nuha...

Along and Family -- Kak Haz, Firuz (yellow robe) and Fahrin

My parents, Ayah & Ibu with Angah & Nuha

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